Our Minor Services include:
Complete Engine Oil Replacement
Replacement of Oil Filter
Replacement of Air Filter
All levels checked and Refilled
Complete Brake Safety Inspection
Complete Suspension Safety Check
Brake Fluid Testing
Engine Management Diagnostic Test
Coolant and Cooling System Pressure Test
Check of all Tyre Pressure and Tread wear
Rotate tyres front to rear
Full Safety check and Road Test

(All Servicing Minor & Major are done to Manufacture's Specifications & Log Book Requirements & will NOT void your warranty)



Our Major Services include:


In addition to the minor service components


Coolant system flush and refill

Brake Fluid system flush and refill

Transmission fluid flush and refill

Replace spark plugs

Replace drive belts

Replace timing belt



(All Servicing Minor & Major are done to Manufacture's Specifications & Log Book Requirements & will NOT void your warranty)





For your safety MCA are a brake repair center. From replacing brake pads and linings, to a full hydraulic system overhaul or hand brake repairs and adjustment. These days with ABS, anti-skid and traction control technology, up to date knowledge and experience is essential to maintaining the braking system on modern cars. We can machine your disc rotors and/or drums and fit the correct grade of brake pad to suit your driving situation. Maybe you do a lot of towing or stop start city driving where a heavy duty pad may be better suited. If you drive hard through the hills, a performance or even a road/track pad might be the go matched to some slotted or cross drilled rotors. If you drive a classic or older car that needs attention to the hydraulic cylinders we can supply stainless steel re sleeved cylinders that should last the life of the vehicle, especially with regular brake fluid changes.


At MCA, we can diagnose and repair your clutch to allow the smooth driving you are used to. Clutch repairs will often require the removal of the gearbox and with 3 hoists and the necessary lifting equipment, we can do this efficiently and safely. If your car needs a clutch replacement we can fit a clutch from a wide range, from standard replacement to heavy duty if you regularly tow all the way up to extreme competition clutches.





Air Conditioners - re gasing

Automatic Transmissions
Brakes and Disk Rotor Machining
Cooling Systems
Clutches and Gear Boxes

Complete Diagnostic with latest SnapOn tool
Exhaust Systems

Full Transmission Service
Head Gaskets

Radiators and heating

Road Worthy Certificates
Starter Motors
Steering Wheel Alignment
Suspension Repair

Timing Belt Kit and Accessories
Tyres Supplying Fittings, Rotations and Balancing

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